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Sl. No. Product Name SPECIFICATIONS Applications
1 PRIMA 6010 A5.1 E6010 EC 4310X Ideally Suited for Joining pipelines
2 PRIMA 6011 A5.1 E6011 EC 4316X Typical application includes general fabrication, ship building, galvanized steel, bridges heavy equipments, rail road, cars etc.
3 PRIMA 6012 A5.1 E6012 ER 4122 largely used in repair and welding of less critical structures.  Carbon steels with some rust present can be welded with this type of electrode.  It can be used to bridge or weld across wide gaps.
4 PRIMA 6013 A5.1 E6013 ER 4211 / ER 4112 Used in general fabrication, maintenance and repair in mild steel
5 PRIMA 6013 S A5.1 E6013 ER 4221X Produces X ray quality weld metal ideally used in pressure Vessels, Storage tanks, Coaches & marine engineering works.
6 PRIMA 6013 SS A5.1 E6013 ERR4221X Heavy coated electrode particularly used in boiler Shells, Loco fire boxes, heavy plate girders, storage tanks, wagons etc.
7 PRIMA 7014 A5.1 E7014 ERR5222JX Suitable for welding thicker sections heavy mild steel structures, boilers. Pressure vessels, bridges, wagons, tanks & vessels, ship, griders barges etc.
8 PRIMA 7024 A5.1 E7024 ERR5242KX Ideally suited for fillet welding in mild steel, heavy steel casting, ship building, locomotive, girders, boilers and in heavy fabrication and structural work.
9 PRIMA 7016 A5.1 E7016 EB5426H3X Heavy machinery applications like cranes, rollers, tractors, earth moving equipments, ships, rail coaches and cast iron etc.
10 PRIMA 7018 A5.1 E7018 EB5426H2JX Heavy structures subjected to dynamic loading & impact, high restrained joints, boilers & pressure vessels, atomic reactor shells, bridges, rail wagons & coaches, earth moving equipments etc.
11 PRIMA 7018-1 A5.1 E7018-1 EB5626H3JX Welding of Carbon Steels, steel sensitive to Hydrogen embrittlement (HE), heavy and rigid structures, pressure vessels and equipment subjected to severe stress and requiring good toughness properties at sub zero temperature up to -50°C
12 PRIMA 7018-1 H4R A5.1 E7018-1H4R EB5626H4RJX Welding of carbon and low alloy steels including a variety of hard enable steels, Ideally suited for pipe welding including 5G, 6G & 6GR positions.
13 PRIMA 8018 W A5.1 E8018 W2 E55BG129Fe Welding of weathering steels such as Cornet steels used in petrochemical and in Railway industries to resist atmospheric corrosion.
14 PRIMA 11018 A5.5 E11018M E76BM329Fe Used in applications requiring at least 100,000 Psi Tensile Strength, good ductility and crack resistance along with high notch toughness at temperature of -60°C
15 PRIMA 7016-A1 A5.5 E 7016-A1 ------- It is suitable for welding 0.5%Mo steel used at high temperatures and high pressure (e.g. ATPA12, A335-P1 of steels pipes, STBA 12, A209-T1 of heat exchanger, A271-W casting steel and A182-F1, A366-F1 of forging steels).
16 PRIMA 7018-A1 A5.5 E 7018-A1 E49BA126Fe Welding of Low Alloy high tensile carbon molly steels, pressure vessels, boilers, storage tanks, reaction vessels and pipeline & tubes operating at high temperature.
17 PRIMA 8018-B2 A5.5 E 8018-B2 E 55 BB226Fe Ideally Suited for welding of 0.50Cr - 0.50Mo steel, 1.0Cr - 0.50Mo steels, boilers, pressure vessels, storage tanks, pipelines operating at high temperature in chemical plants, oil refineries etc.
18 PRIMA 8016-C1 A5.5 E 8016-C1 ------- Ideally Suited for welding of 0.50Cr - 0.50Mo steel, 1.0Cr - 0.50Mo steels, boilers, pressure vessels, storage tanks, pipelines operating at high temperature in chemical plants, oil refineries etc.
19 PRIMA 8018-C1 A5.5 E 8018-C1 ------- Ideally suited for welding 2.5% Nickel steels used for making storage tank, pressure vessels, containers and piping for liquefied gases like butane and propane.
20 PRIMA 8016-C2 A5.5 E 8016-C2 ------- This weld metal contains 2.5%Ni so that it makes this electrode particularly suited for Aluminum killer steel and 2.5% Ni steel.
21 PRIMA 8018-C2 A5.5 E 8018-C2 E55BC226Fe Mainly used in welding of 3.5% Ni steels, storage tanks, pipe lines & pressure vessels for liquefied gases such as propane, butane, ethane acetylene, Carbon-di oxide, Xylene, ethylene etc.
22 PRIMA 8016-C3 A5.5 E 8016-C3 ------- This weld metal contains 3.5%Ni so that it makes this electrode particularly suited for LPG tanks or 3.5% Ni steel.
23 PRIMA 8018-C3 A5.5 E 8018-C3 ------- Used in various structures, heavy gauge construction in which fine grinned steel is used. Storage tanks for liquefied gases, distillers in coke oven batteries and petrochemical industries. This weld metal contains 1% Ni so that it makes this electrode particularly suited for LPG tanks or 1%Ni steel.
24 STALOY 1A A5.4/5.4M E308-16 E 19.9 R 26 Used in welding of AISI 301,302,304 & 308 and equivalent stainless steel grades.
25 STALOY 1A(L) A5.4/5.4M E308L-16 E 19.9 LR 26 A low carbon electrode used to weld AISI grades 301, 302, 304, 304L, 308 & 308 L and their equivalents.
26 STALOY 2D A5.4/5.4M E309-16 E23.12 R 26 A re tile based extensively used in dissimilar metal joining between MS and Low alloy steel and stainless steel, overlaying and buffering applications welding straight chromium steels.
27 STALOY 2D – 15 A5.4/5.4M E309-15 E 23.12 B 20 Basic electrodes extensively used in dissimilar metal joining between MS and Low alloy steel and stainless steel, overlaying and buffering applications welding straight chromium steels.
28 STALOY 2D – Mo A5.4/ 5.4M E 309LMo-16 E 23.12.2 R 26 A re tile type electrode depositing 25Cr-12Ni-2.5Mo extensively used for welding of 18-8 Mo type steels, clad side of 18-8 clad steels, dissimilar metal joining between MS and low alloy steels and stainless steels, overlaying and buffering applications.
29 STALOY CW A5.4/5.4M E310-16 E 25.20 R 26X Used for welding AISI 310 to itself and other steels, straight chrome steels, dissimilar steels, hard enable steels. Clad steels, C-Mo, Cr-Mo steels etc.
30 STALOY 312 A5.4/5.4M E312-16 E 29.9 R 26 Ideally suited for welding of variety of unknown compositions steel, leaf and coil spring & other difficult to weld steels.
31 STALOY 2A(L) A5.4/5.4M E316L-16 E 19 12.2 LR26 Extra low carbon re tile electrode depositing 18Cr-12Ni-2.3Mo weld metal, deposit exhibits exceptional corrosion resistance to aids and salts. Ideally suited to weld similar stainless steel compositions.
32 STALOY 347 (L) A5.4/5.4M E347-16 E19.9L Nb R26 A semi basic low carbon 19/10 Cb stainless steel electrode with controlled ferrite content 4-9%. Ideally suited for AISI steels 321, 347 & 18-8 steels.
33 STALOY 410 – 15 A5.4/5.4M E410-15 E 13 B 20 Heavy coated basic hydrogen controlled electrode suitable for welding of heavy sections of steel armatures, surfacing of valves, steam and turbine components in chemical & petroleum industries.
34 PRIMA CAST ALLOY A5.15 E NiFe CI ------- Ferro Nickel weld deposit with 55-60% Ni with excellent crack resistance, ideally used for welding and surfacing of CI parts such as engine blocks, pumps, valves, impellers, reap drums, ingot molds, CI bodies etc.
35 PRIMA NIKELOY A5.15 E Ni CI ------- Pure Nickel electrode giving machine able weld metal used for welding any type of Cast Iron and joining CI to other metals. Important uses are pump casing, CI dies, Engine blocks, valves bodies, CI components etc.
36 PRIMA CAST ALLOY MONEL A5.15 E Ni CuB ------- The deposits are machine able with 70Ni-30Cu ideally used to join CI parts, repair and rebuilding and surfacing of CI parts and components.
37 PRIMA CAST ALLOY (Non Machine able) E St. ------- Typically include joining and repair of of cast iron parts, repair of defective casting joints cast iron to mild steel.
38 PRIMA ENiCrFe-2 A5.11 ENiCrFe-2 ------- Used in chemical and petrochemical industries for welding of dissimilar metals particularly low alloy steels to stainless steel, carbon steel, nickel based alloys and pure nickel.
39 PRIMA ENiCrFe-3 A5.11 ENiCrFe-3 ------- Basic coated nickel based electrodes suitable for welding of nickel alloys and the high chromium alloys e.g. (Inconel-600 and Inconel-800) to one another or to carbon or stainless steel.
40 PRIMA HARD - I ------- Fe – A 312 (nearest) Produces machine able weld metal with 250 - 300 BHN hardness used in Gear teeth, rail ends and crossing, shafts, mill guide plates, pulley clutches, wheel, axles, coupling, sprockets, pinion etc.
41 PRIMA HARD - II ------- ------- re tile type electrode producing weld metal with 500-670 BHN hardness used in plough shares, excavator teeth, dredger bucket lips, conveyor bucket and such other parts subject to friction and abrasion.
42 PRIMA HARD - III ------- ------- Basic coated electrode producing weld metal with 500-600 BHN hardness useful in reclaiming costly worn out hammers, shear blades daggling bucket lips, crusher jaws etc.
43 PRIMA HARD - IIILH ------- ------- Produces weld metal with 500-600BHN hardness important application include Oil expeller worms, excavator teeth, plough shares, crusher cranes and Jaws, Scrapers Blades etc.
44 PRIMA HARD - V ------- ------- Basic coated low hydrogen electrode produces 200-250BHN hardness suitable foe pressure Jaws, hammers, mineral grinders, mantles, bucket teeth & lips, rail crossing Manganese steel casting of all types.
45 PRIMA HARD - Mn ------- ------- Used with ease for cutting and piercing out of position jobs where gas cutting is not convenient. Used for ferrous and non ferrous metals, medium and high alloy steels and Cast iron
47 PRIMA CUT ALLOY ------- ------- Designed to produce smooth grooves in all positions.
48 PRIMA GOUGING ------- E CuSn-A Suitable for joining copper to copper alloys, phosphor and tin bronzes as well as copper clad plates and for surfacing on copper and copper alloys.
49 PRIMA BRONZE ALLOY ------- ------- Welding for plates for fabrication of galvanizing baths, filling up of worn out body of galvanizing baths, window frames, thin walled tanks and vessels etc.
50 PRIMA GL A5.18 ER 70S 2 ------- Repairs on a variety of mild and low alloy steel small diameter pipe and tubular, sheet metal applications and root pass pipe welding
51 PRIMA 70S2 A5.18 ER 70S 4 ------- It is for welding of general fabrication pressure vessels, structural work and light to medium gauge sheet, pipe and tublar steels.
52 PRIMA 70S4 A5.18 ER 70S 6 C503 X S4 It is god for welding killed and semi killed steels. It may be used for sheet metal fabrication of vehicles and automobiles, farm machinery, wagons and coaches. Suitable for welding steels having strength up to 560N/mm2
53 PRIMA 70S6 A5.18 ER 70S G ------- Used for welding of buildings, vehicles and bridges
54 PRIMA 70SG A5.18 ER 80S G ------- used for high tensile strength steel, such as steel construction, pressure vessels, vehicles and bridges.
55 PRIMA 80SG A5.9 ER308L ------- Typical applications include welding of AISI301, 302 & 308 in chemical, oil & gas refineries, stainless steel sheet metal works and rail car fabrication industry.
56 PRIMA 308L A5.9 ER309L ------- It is typically used to for welding of dissimilar base metals of stainless steel and carbon steels, used for welding of AISI 309 grade steels in chemical, oil and gas refineries etc.
57 PRIMA 309L A5.9 ER310 ------- Used in marine applications, reconditioning and refurbishment industries.
58 PRIMA 310 A5.9 ER312 ------- Used in marine applications, reconditioning and refurbishment industries.
59 PRIMA 312 A5.9 ER316L ------- Typical applications include welding of 18Cr-12Ni-3Mo stainless steel in chemical, oil and gas refineries. Excellent creep strength, and resistance to pitting corrosion.
60 PRIMA 316L A5.9 ER347 ------- Typical applications include welding of corrosion resistance steels in high temperature services found in chemical refineries, smelter and power plants.
61 PRIMA 410 A5.9 ER410 ------- Typical applications are welding of 410 types stainless steels in marine industries, oil and gas drilling and power plant equipment manufacturing industries.
62 PRIMA EL 8 A5.17 EL 8 ------- Copper coated mild steel wire, can be used on variety of applications with appropriate combination of submerged arc flux.
63 PRIMA EM 12K A5.17 F7A2-EM12K ------- Typical applications include pressure vessels, H beam, pipe mill applications, ship building and general steel structures.